The suburban apartment building has come a long way – sophisticated buyers or renters are no longer happy with the simple brick building, but are looking for a touch of Manhattan as they come out to the suburbs.  This is not only in lifestyle but now in their architecture too. They desire the low-rise residential architecture seen in major cities (like NYC) in the more suburban settings outside of the downtown areas. We are seeing more and more thought being put into these residential suburban apartments, including intricate detailing and luxurious amenities throughout.


Communities like Great Neck are trying to re-plan their downtown centers with more residential to help grow the retail and city development.  The new streetscape must be well designed or these projects will not bring the people these Long Island towns desperately need. These communities are also demanding a higher quality of architecture in all their buildings, but especially apartment buildings, which are the face of many of these residential communities. This community takes advantage of the steeply sloped topography of the existing site to provide a combination of multi-family and retail uses stacked at various elevations across the site. The level of thought behind every part of this development shines through and it is exactly what suburban residents are wanting.


Mojo Stumer is involved in three new apartment buildings on the North Shore.  Our experience in high-end residential work both in private apartments and homes over 35 years enables us to bring a very sophisticated approach to the apartments, raising the design level and improving the lifestyle of the inhabitants.  The level of details is recognizable by future residents and raises our projects to a higher level.  Remember … it’s all in the details. In our 301 WARNER project, we worked together with the client to create a multifunctional living development with a restaurant, office, vendors, and exclusive apartment floors all in one. Not only does our attention to detail go into the apartments, but also into sleek, impressive lobbies, creative corridors, and expected amenities like lounges, gyms, meeting rooms, party rooms, and all outdoor spaces.

We are experienced in all these elements and bring our apartments and interior design talents into all of them. For over 35 years, MSA has been doing its own interiors on all our projects.  This experience enables us to create apartments that are not only laid out functionally but accommodate furniture layouts effortlessly.  Room proportions must work with interior concepts. In our suburban architecture, we create a modern building that has the elements of low-rise city townhouse architecture with the texture of the city streetscape.  We overlay materials and form to create an exciting elevation that works with window grids capturing as much light as possible but maintaining a residential feeling, not an office feeling.  Our architecture always speaks for itself, and that is why Mojo Stumer is the leading architectural and interior design firm in New York.