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Have you ever dreamed of a sleek and modern New York City penthouse? Or perhaps a trendy loft in Soho? Well with Mojo Stumer your dreams can come to fruition with our highly skilled team of modern architects in NYC. Here in the busiest and the most modern growing metropolis, we are a New York modern architecture and interior design firm with a 40-year history of award-winning modern design servicing New York City. NYC modern architecture is something unique and desirable. We make it our mission to explore new architectural opportunities and find a perfect balance between New York modern architecture and pure creativity. Our team of leading modern architects NYC and outstanding interior designers passionately understand NYC modern architecture and what it takes to create incredible buildings and spaces in such complexes and dynamic urban centers.

Our team tests the boundaries and creates exceptional designs to shatter expectations and limitations. From new building construction to corporate headquarters interiors, apartment buildings to penthouse renovations, our studio is carefully crafted to deliver world-class New York modern architecture. This firm of New York architects and interior designers are highly skilled and specialized in high-end architectural projects that defy preconceived notions of excellence. New York City has stood as a mecca for fine art, design, creativity, and achievement. Here at our NYC modern architecture firm, we seek to incorporate these New York City characteristics into the projects that we undertake. We weave fine art into the shapes and architectural designs we develop to create a seamless blend of refined eloquent taste with a pop of modern flair to contribute to the exploration of new contemporary designs. Our NYC interior designers combine this architectural fine art and design with interior creativity and innovativeness. We strive to bring our NYC modern architecture to life with our tasteful interior designers that play into the strengths of the space and are on the edge of interior design innovation. Together, our team is able to create some of the greatest achievements of New York City architecture to create a livable, workable, and functional space of high-end creativity and exceptional craftsmanship.

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