About Us

Mojo Stumer was founded by two principals, Thomas J. Mojo and Mark D. Stumer. Following Thomas Mojo’s retirement in 2018, Mark Stumer has continued leading the firm, overseeing the design through its different phases and maintaining client contact throughout the project’s duration. Supporting the principals are four associates who help structure firm policies and a staff of over 20 architects and interior designers along with a highly competent office and financial management staff. Many of our associates and staff have been with the firm for over 35 years.

Our practice asserts client confidence through leadership, fosters exceptional architecture through creativity, and affirms a commitment to technological innovation that supports the total design process.

For a project to fully realize its potential, a compassionate, perseverant professional must nurture it.

Every project by Mojo Stumer is overseen by a principal who is accessible and actively involved in every stage of a project’s development. Mark Stumer is responsible for conceptual design direction and design development working with a design associate.  On a daily basis, each project is managed by a project manager and a selected team which monitors the project from conceptual design through construction and user follow-up.

Extraordinary work is the product of technical expertise, organization skills, and depth of resources integrated with design.

At Mojo Stumer Associates, along with the principal and design team, each project is assigned an experienced project manager who is an integral part of the nucleus of the MSA organization.  The project manager assembles a team of our 20 architects, interior designers, technical and administrative staff who are responsible for the running of the project on a daily basis.  The project manager and key personnel remain on the project from its beginnings in design development through occupancy and follow-ups.  Servicing the client, schedules, budgets, document accuracy, and total accessibility are major parallel paths alongside of design and not put into secondary roles.

A well-designed environment enriches our lives, dramatically improves operational performance and can meet budget goals.

Good design has its place in the environment whether in residence or work place. The ability to create a residence that surpasses our clients’ dreams or design a workplace that functions at every level of operations are the standards Mojo Stumer Associates always sets for our performance. A great design that can’t be built is over budget or not on schedule, is an exercise in futility. To support our design we have developed project management systems to turn out details, accurate and on schedule construction documents with thorough budget reviews at strategic project phases. The process should be as rewarding as the finished work.