301 Warner is a multifaceted, transit-oriented development aimed at reinvigorating the neighborhood of Roslyn Station. Just steps from the LIRR platform, this mixed-use project is programmed to bring retail, office, and multi-family apartment living to the area, in a building
carefully designed to create a new walkable street environment connecting to the station.

Working with a complex site with grade variations in excess of twenty vertical feet across its footprint, the siting of the building marries the multiple levels of approach and site access seamlessly by creating a dynamic plaza at the most prominent corner, providing ease of access to all points high and low within the site. The building architecture similarly responds to these site conditions, with a distinct language of black brick and frameless glass at the retail base
contrasting a palette of concrete and wood facade panels at levels above.

The apartment levels of the facade are treated with a simple patterning of large square window assemblies within a gridded concrete panel cladding. Wood frames and vertical slats provide a warmth to contrast the grey concrete, and occasional oversized double height and two-by-two window break the fenestration pattern to create a dynamic sense of scale.