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Park Avenue Apartment – Luxury Apartment Renovation

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Beginning a luxury apartment renovation project in a post-war apartment building (especially in New York City) is a big undertaking. In this Park Avenue apartment project, Mojo Stumer had to brace itself for challenges along the way. Load-bearing walls and mechanical risers throughout the building prompted potential issues for the overall design, putting our team of architects and designers to the ultimate test. The client wanted this space to have an additional primary and secondary bedroom, alongside a beautiful lacquer and marble-clad kitchen with separate dining areas which still would flow through to one another. The final product? A stunning luxury apartment renovation with top-to-bottom modern apartment interior design principles throughout, all situated in one of the most desirable neighborhoods in the city. 

Mojo Stumer made sure to lay this residence out with the client’s art in mind- not only wall-fixtured art, but sculptures as well. By creating small pockets throughout the apartment for artistic displays, Mojo Stumer was able to create a “gallery feel” for the entire Park Avenue apartment. The use of white walls, Macassar ebony wood, limestone, and bronze frames are consistently seen throughout the luxury apartment renovation to bring light in while giving a high-end finish to the space. Built-in lighting is everywhere, with matching ebony wood inlays and customized LED fixtures that differ slightly throughout the Park Avenue apartment to provide a sense of distinction. Mojo Stumer ensured that modern apartment interior design was at the forefront of this project, which can be easily noticed in the half bath near the common areas. With a neon art installation and beautifully striated marble tile, the bathroom speaks for itself and stands alone as a separate work of art. 

Designing a layout that maximizes space while respecting the structural integrity and challenges of a historical building is a feat within itself, and Mojo Stumer is pleased to see how this Park Avenue apartment turned out. Integrating modern apartment interior design into a space that hasn’t always been modern can feel like some sort of puzzle, but we are proud to say that this luxury apartment renovation finished better than we could have ever imagined! Interested in seeing what Mojo Stumer can do for you and your property? Contact us today to begin our consultation process!