New York City, NY

Although not truly an architectural project, we applied the same thinking of modern design as we do in our architecture to this amazing terrace done in collaboration with the talented landscape architects, Town & Gardens.

Collaboration in design by talented professionals working towards the same goal but bringing different disciplines to the table can bring any project to a higher level. This is a great case in point. This Manhattan west side penthouse apartment had a beautiful terrace space that needed work. It basically had not been touched in 20 years and it looked it. We had designed the apartment years ago that was very modern. Our client wanted more than a creative garden. They wanted an architectural space and experience.

Part of the solution was to outline the existing fence (that had to remain because the façade of the building was landmarked) with metal planters underneath which helped hide the fence and create a creative garden wall along the perimeter. This also gave the interior spaces views to the plantings. Benches were integrated into the planters creating sitting areas along the exterior walkway.

The combination of limestone and AstroTurf enhanced the aesthetic while visually breaking up the long narrow terrace areas. The waterfall wall was located in the larger sitting and dining areas. This wall was a creative exercise in design. It had to be a block between the neighbor’s terrace, have a water sound background (but not be too loud), and also be aesthetically exceptional and support plant growth. This unique design has satisfied all those requirements.

Treating the terrace as both an architectural and landscape challenge has enabled the collaboration between our two firms to achieve this exciting level of detailed design. This is truly a very special and unique project.

The result of our modern architecture and their remarkable plantings create a truly unique experience.