The Rose at Great Neck

The Rose at Great Neck was designed to introduce a new standard of luxury condo living to the Great Neck area, and to express elements of quality and modern sophistication both inside and out.  The three-story building has a strong presence along the north side of Middle Neck Road, but its massing was carefully designed to visually break the structure down into smaller elements, more reminiscent of the scale of a townhome development than a large apartment building.  Brick piers and tall windows help to express the verticality of the façade within each independent bay, while horizontal bands of metal panel still tie the structure together as a single whole.  The central axis and main entrance is emphasized by a tower feature, wrapped in glass and capped with a thin tapered roof, creating a beautiful centrality to this otherwise elongated building.  The red masonry façade with black detailing gives the building a warm and natural beauty, with an almost industrial character, while still expressing the sophistication and quality warranted for a luxury condominium building. 

Within, the entry lobby is presented as a bright ‘jewel-box’ like experience, an elegant interior of white marble and stainless-steel accents, and a significant departure from the more natural and heavy materials of the exterior.  This contrasting aesthetic heightens the transition into the building and allows the lobby to present a light and vibrant entry point within the facade to residents and visitors alike.

With 40 luxury condos spread across three stories, the building will offer a mixture of one-, two-, and three-bedroom units, each meticulously designed and detailed, as well as an amenity package including a fitness center and business lounge.   The building will represent a new bar for quality and luxury living, as well as being an incredible visual addition to the Middle Neck Road corridor.