Melville, NY


This project consisted of a design for a new 125,000 square foot, 4-story office building core and shell, as well as finished lobby and common areas including a conference center, gym, restaurant and bank. The schematic stage was very exciting while working with the owner of Rubie’s Costume, who was intrigued with the idea of a more playful and theatrical design. The job was unique in the fact that the owner took a direct hands-on interest and approach and pushed the envelope on various design elements and allowed us to extend our creativity to new levels. During the course of the project, the design was modified at various levels (and approval process changed) to accommodate a 12,000 square foot restaurant and kitchen on two levels, a gym, conference center and bank as well as tenant fit out.


The exterior form of the building was developed in keeping functionality and good design in correlation. We wanted to shade the south facing offices by stepping back each floor. The custom designed segmented curved curtain wall system responds to the south side’s angled silhouette. The composite aluminum panels curve along the side of the building and visually carve into it. The remaining façade has a glazing system. This design feature encloses the vertical circulation on both ends of the building. The program consists of tenant fit out spaces on the top 3 floors with public spaces on the first floor. This allowed for clear glass on the first floor and tinted glass above, creating the illusion the building is floating while giving it a lighter feel.


The front entrances into the main lobby space are on the sides of the building and there is a separate entrance for the restaurant. The project included a new 3 story waterfall, a custom designed glass stair, as well as a rich interplay of finishes. The main entrance lobby features a curved wall in custom exotic grain wood veneer with stainless steel reveals. Overhead is a dramatic floating soffit with indirect lighting, which is flanked by stone slab walls.


The project included complete site and civil engineering as well as structural, MEPFP. Various other specialty consultants were coordinated by our offices when involving the shell (exterior cladding and the roof) specifications, HVAC equipment, sprinkler, fire alarm and electrical service as well as sanitary. The new 35,000 square foot roof was designed with overflow drains.


We performed services for programming design through bidding as well as construction administration. At pre-design a Construction Manager was hired and a budget established. This budget was maintained through construction via close monitoring of all aspects of design and value engineered as needed on an item-by-item basis. All submissions or substitutions were carefully scrutinized for compliance to specs and installations checked for quality. The balance of function and unique design brings us to an exceptional end result, which exceeded our client’s expectations and makes for an extraordinary building.