Unique opportunities require a unique approach, as is seen in the process of design and construction of this new modern home for a good client and close friend of the builder. To ensure perfection, both in design and execution, the project was approached as a direct collaboration between award winning architecture and interior design firm Mojo Stumer, and renowned home building Jon Bijari Custom Homes, allowing the firms to pair their individual areas of expertise into a singular and concise expression of built architecture. This created amazing client trust and confidence. Mojo Stumer came in and handled all the interiors once the home was built.

The ambition was to bring an unrepeatable vision to life, and this partnership emboldened both parties to synergize their efforts to create a truly unique and especially remarkable home.
The homes interior exudes sophistication and luxury, with characteristic dark tones and clean lines defining a strictly transitional atmosphere, while the eclectic and highly stylized material palettes throughout add a contrasting sense of warmth and character to the home.
The dramatic color scheme works with the abundance of natural light to create an ethereal atmosphere, while the striking patterns and dynamically colorful materiality maintain a sense of personality, unique to the owners. Throughout the home, culturally relevant works of art are carefully integrated into the visual, and functional design of the space, creating an indistinguishable connection between both the art and architecture of the home.

Defining aspects of the interiors include black Calacatta Marble, Phil Jefferies suede wallpaper, a Fendi dining set, Sici tile and Nourison rugs. The home also features a Christian Dior vespa and a custom Chanel surfboard each on display, adding a touch of sportiness to the otherwise sleek and elegant interior. The outcome of this project would not have been possible if talent and taste and had not been pooled together, with the synergistic pairing of designer and builder coming together to realize a singular vision.