Roslyn House

Located on the serene and picturesque North Shore of Long Island, in Roslyn Harbor, this project is the clearest illustration of how modern interior design can be successfully executed in older traditional homes. Designed by the award-winning team at Mojo Stumer Associates, and executed by the skilled Jon Bijari Custom Homes, the home’s interior is a bright and contemporary contrast to the dark masonry exterior of the dwelling.  The space exhibits creative and refined architectural detailing paired with edgy yet sophisticated materiality and furnishings, creating a sense of luxury and opulence throughout the home.

The entry foyer sets the tone with polished white marble floors with grey stone inlays, creating a platform for the striking curved staircase with custom iron railings. The void beneath the stairs becomes a display niche for a custom artistically painted grand piano with a multicolor splatter graphic, while overhead hangs a bold turquoise Ralph Pucci pendant light fixture.   The clean lines and bright contrasting materials of the foyer, paired with the colorful and youthful artwork create a dynamic and visually stunning first impression that carries through the rest of the home. 

The main hallway features a breathtaking curved ceiling of black lacquer slats, adding an element of drama and sophistication, with a subtle neon purple glow edging in from the adjacent power room’s illuminated mirror.  Here, as in the rest of the home, color and material contrast is carefully manipulated to create dynamic pops of color and shade.  The polished black lacquer doors and frames stand out from the otherwise crisp white walls, with brightly colored elements of artwork, sculpture, and furniture adding an edgy yet welcoming character.

The house overflows with custom pieces. The home office was a point of importance for our clients, making the custom Waldners desk vital to the functionality of the home. Upon entry of the foyer a custom Dennis Miller side table adds to the modern landscape. The home also features one-of-a-kind pieces designed by Legacy Furniture including custom chairs, a custom dining room carpet, and an extraordinary, tufted bed. Mojo Stumer Interiors also worked tirelessly to customize an eloquent breakfast table. Some other noteworthy pieces in the home include distinctive lighting features from Hudson Furniture and Bocci Lighting and EDRA family room pieces. The material and furniture selections throughout the home are creative and thoughtful, with each element playing off the other to create a cohesive and harmonious space. The dynamic created by the distinctive furniture and the use of vibrant colors reflects a twist on a classic approach creating a contemporary yet eclectic home that truly represents the couple the home was designed for.