Roslyn Harbor Residence

New on the boards, this beautiful, carefully articulated modern home is study in massing and material, with strong focus on creating a home seamlessly integrated into its site and surroundings.  The form is based on a courtyard concept, where all interior elements of the home have access to the glass enclosed central garden, while also providing unobstructed views to Roslyn Harbor to the rear.  As the site slopes down, the stepped massing of the house responds to the changing topography to create a structure which seems to be growing out of the terrain, rather than placed atop it. 

The house is clad entirely in Shou Sugi Ban, a Japanese charred wood plank in an almost black color tone, with accents of blackened stainless steel and natural chiseled stone.  This dark palette creates a clean and simple contrast to the large expanses of clear glass throughout the structure, and to the dynamic greenery of the heavily planted natural surroundings. 

The interior of the home transitions from the dark burnt wood boards to a lighter and more minimalistic palette of pale natural wood and stacked limestone.  Floor to ceiling windows throughout the home afford expansive views and visual connectivity of the interior living spaces, with the central courtyard acting additionally as a lightwell to provide full daylighting to every space of the home.