Rolling Hill House

Mojo Stumer Associate’s latest residential interior project embodies simplicity and great design. The house features high ceilings and cohesive use of warm-toned wood walls and floors throughout the house for a welcoming ambiance. Establishing the style of the space, the foyer features a bespoke staircase crafted with a blackened steel z-stringer and features floating wood treads, designed with a custom wood, steel and glass handrail. Throughout the house, the motifs of the thresholds between primary living spaces are emphasized by contrasting materials which in turn create a transitional effect. Large windows with sleek black trim invite sunshine, accentuating the wide wood trim around doors. In the kitchen, large black tiles provide a modern contrast against the bright white walls, which create an open canvas for abundant natural light to play its role. The light grey and white marble countertops in the kitchen add a touch of refinement.