New York, NY


The bustling sidewalks of lower Manhattan are lined with chic shops for hip New Yorkers seeking coveted, trendy merchandise. The latest addition to this growing neighborhood is Realm, a luxury clothier, featuring high-end European designers.


The goal was a feminine, Parisian, yet modern and bold aesthetic. Spans of grey lacquer and crisp white painted walls accentuate the clothing; metallic leather, damask fabrics and oversized mirrored light fixtures bring just the right amount of femme to make any New York woman feel as though she has arrived.


Thespace had a narrow, enfilade layout and required a great deal of thought towards the programming. It was decided at exterior foyer to conceal the main body of the space until the main point of entry is reached, to give the customer a sense of surprise and excitement. It worked to follow the natural planes and design a linear space which is cohesive on the parallel walls, where the clothes are displayed, but broken by program necessities in the center. The custom designed, modern point of purchase area became the focal point, followed by a comfortable seating area with multiple velvet covered tufts and shag carpeting, where customers can wait for friends & watch television or layout items to try on with an associate, a French boudoir theme.


The success of this space is qualified by the success of the store. Clients are raving about the shopping experience they have had a Realm. The clothing acts as an accessory to the architectural design.