New York, NY

The pinnacle moment in a career can come in many forms; sometimes a quiet, found moment; sometimes it’s a newsworthy business deal coming together. But that moment, no matter how it crosses your path, is life changing. We had such an opportunity with our recently completed Park Avenue apartment. We created a space that helps to define who we are, what we do and the boundless possibilities of modern architecture.

The clients wanted a space that incorporated their extensive, world renowned, art collection with modern architecture and traditional decorating; the balance is evident throughout. The clean lines of the built environment work in perfect harmony with the asymmetrical, definite characteristics of the furnishings and accessories.

Cast bronze, linear archways act as the portholes in to each area of the apartment, framing perfectly proportionate spaces. Tray ceilings in high gloss lacquer and Bianco Dolomiti flooring accentuate and reflect the light from the massive crystal chandeliers in the entry foyer. The kitchen is state of the art with ¼ sewn & Rift cut white oak millwork featuring a serroused finish and white Glassos countertop and floor tiles. The dining room features velvet upholstered walls and crystal beaded wall paper set in to the tray ceiling above the 3 custom designed crystal chandeliers. Backlit glass and bronze display cabinetry was custom designed for the clients’ massive Steuben glass collection. All of the door hardware in the apartment is cast bronze to match the accents throughout.

The project stands apart from all others. The ingenuity and precise combination of modern and traditional marks a new achievement in our philosophy of architecture and design.