New York, NY

Most people look for retreats outside the city limits, but our clients found their sanctuary in Manhattan. The goal was to have this dwelling share the same qualities of their suburban home. They wanted the space to reflect their appreciation of modern architecture and minimalist design. The residence is a result of merging two apartments to create one larger, unified space.

The high rise apartment features floor to ceiling windows with sweeping views of Midtown, which were emphasized in the design. The layout is practical and exploits the square footage, with beautiful enfilades that expose the meticulous, intended details from room to room.

The d├ęcor is both progressive and comfortable, integrating contemporary architectural drama with practical living. Every surface, from the countertops to the furniture to the flooring, is clad in the most luxurious materials. Each piece was hand selected, during the design phase, to accommodate and compliment the space. Glass planes clear and etched, are used throughout the residence to delineate the space, while also allowing for an open, loft-like, ambiance. Anigre wood acts as a backdrop for the neutral color palette of beige, white and taupe. The media, thermal and lighting technology, as well as the kitchen, are state of the art and completely user-friendly.