Greenvale, NY


Discovering a prime corner of real estate in an affluent town is always challenging. As one of the busiest intersections of Nassau County, Glen Cove Road and Northern Boulevard offers a perfect setting to inject a sophisticated air to this lacking corner. With a high-end retail plaza and two college campuses within walking distance, this site provides extreme flexibility to filling its storefronts with a competitive location for a vast array of business types.


The structure’s streamlined silhouette and pronounced architectural lines act first as a visual attraction to catch a passerby’s eye. Then naturally, there becomes encouraged interest in the client’s brand. The design features lofty glass-paneled walls of prominent metal cantilever to avoid an obstructive and towering effect parallel to the active road beside. Rather, having fabricated a horizontally lengthened perspective, allows the building to mesh with the preexisting retail surroundings, yet stands out with its dramatic use of contrasting materials such as limestone, glass and steel.


This contemporary, yet inviting façade brings new potential to the already established local shopping scene. The building’s fresh, unique design promises to fill a long-struggling lot with the level of refinement demanded by this elite intersection.