Lantern House Roof Deck

The Lantern House Roof Deck is a study in luxury – a process of design and a feat of engineering where all creative solutions could be employed to maximize the usability and enjoyment of the incredible outdoor terrace overlooking Highline Park, atop one of Manhattan’s newest luxury condominium buildings, Lantern House.  With a program including a new rooftop pool, lounge, kitchen, and dining area, the design and renovation of the unprogrammed terrace had to accommodate not only the client’s critical entertainment demands, but also the strict limitations of FDNY access requirements limiting use of the space.  While prioritizing function, navigating a maze of existing rooftop equipment, and optimizing access to the incredible near-panoramic views of the Hudson River, the final design comes together as a seamless presentation of architecture and landscape creating a resort-like getaway in this dense urban setting.

The pool is the central and driving feature of the design, raised off the terrace floor and enclosed with 2-1/2” thick acrylic panels on two sides, reading as an open, clear volume of blue water centered in the space.  Through the glass edges one sees the light and form of the city beyond, as well as the custom SICIS tile mosaic across the pool’s floor, which was inspired by the client’s own collection of personal travel photography.  Elongated, LED-lit ipe steps run along one side to the raised deck, to a seating area with even more exaggerated views of the skyline.  This elevated lounge area features a custom installed living wall and perimeter planters to soften the urban aesthetic, along with a custom mahogany trellis and outdoor TV panel. 

The terrace wraps to the kitchen and dining area, with a retractable awning over the large table, while portions of the roof pavers give way to patches of synthetic lawn to accent the lounge chairs.

Throughout the space, the careful marriage of modern architectural detailing, soft furnishings and the texture of natural landscape helps to create a truly unique space, worthy of the incredible surrounds.