Englewood Cliffs House

This stunning new home, designed with meticulous attention to detail, boasts a carefully crafted exterior facade that harmoniously blends natural materials and contemporary accents, resulting in a captivating visual composition. The residence, strategically sited to maximize privacy, welcomes residents and guests with a captivating interplay of limestone, wood, black aluminum, and expansive windows.

Upon approach, the eye is drawn to the front-facing garage, carefully oriented inward to create an impression of depth and seclusion. The garage walls, a composition of overlapping limestone, glass, and metal, artfully conceal the sloped metal roof, imbuing the street-facing facade with a soft and inviting allure. A continuous overhang gracefully extends from above the garage doors, seamlessly aligning with a full-height window that beckons natural light into the interior, while highlighting the seamless connection between inside and out.

As the gaze ascends, the two-story massing of the residence unfolds. Here, a series of double-height windows and horizontal overhang elements temper the visual scale of the home, infusing the design with a sense of understated elegance. These design choices not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also introduce captivating architectural detailing at the junctions of different materials.

Promoting privacy without compromising on natural illumination, a panel of wooden slats partially conceals the front bedroom windows. This innovative design element filters light into the interior spaces, casting a warm and inviting glow throughout the rooms, while simultaneously enveloping the residents in a sense of natural tranquility.

The rear of the house features oversized floor-to-ceiling glass sliding doors, dissolving the visual boundary between indoors and outdoors. These expansive portals open onto a meticulously landscaped backyard, offering an idyllic backdrop for relaxation and entertainment.  The adjacent dining room is enclosed within a captivating glass box overlooking the property.

This Englewood Cliffs residence stands as a testament to the artistry and ingenuity of modern architecture. Through a harmonious interplay of natural materials, generous glazing, and innovative design elements, this home embodies the epitome of contemporary luxury, offering an exceptional living experience that is both visually captivating and intimately connected to its surroundings.