New York, NY

Anyone in the design industry knows how difficult it can be to deal with clients when their taste level exceeds their budget or when their budget exceeds their taste level. It can be a challenge to meet in the middle in either direction. Our team of designers and architects on this residence were incredibly fortunate to work with these clients. They had impeccable taste and total trust in their team. The result was sheer perfection.

The footprint of the penthouse left the architect many options in delineating the space. The decision to separate the space in to 3 distinct areas was made. However, the clients wanted the option to have a “formal” apartment for their Broadway show premiere functions, but also have a relaxed environment in which to live. We incorporated moveable wall partitions out of glass and stainless steel, in order to open up the space when needed to ensure flexibility of use.

The clients were baby boomers who wanted something sleek and contemporary, but did not want to sacrifice comfort. They wanted the very best quality in hard materials and the latest designs the world had to offer in furniture and soft materials. Makassar ebony wood and dupioni silk; alpaca wool and lima limestone; shagreen and basalt; grand architecture and beautiful craftsmanship; a symphony of successes all coming together to fulfill our clients every wish.