New York, NY

Advertising agencies need to promote an environment in which creativity can blossom. The structure and design within the walls of an agency, such as Cline Davis Mann, need to complement this creative process. Stretches of meshed stainless steel curved and cut to accentuate ceiling lines and tactically placed lighting is the highlight of this multi-purpose conference room.

A custom designed wood, glass, stainless steel and lacquer conference table flanked with ergonomic contemporary seating is the focal point of the room. The work area is also afforded with a touchscreen digital media center for wireless audio, visual, telephone and conference control. The design encompasses visual, acoustical and thermal comfort creating a sustainable work environment for its occupants, influencing creativity and sparking imaginations. The walls in the room can virtually talk; they can be used as scratch pads for think-tank meetings. The reflective quality of the walls also enhances the balance of the room.

This space is the perfect playground for flowing ideologists whom rule the advertising world from their Manhattan tower. The vision and ingenuity that brought the architecture to life is the same as what inspires its inhabitants. The Cline Davis Mann project is successful in that it captures the essence of a modern working world and is awe inspiring to those who see it everyday.