Huntington, NY


The Bank of Smithtown has opened over 20 branches in both Nassau and Suffolk counties, in the past few years, with more then another 20 currently under construction or in the planning process. Our firm is credited with over 30% ofLong Island’s commercial buildings in the past 30 years.


The Bank of Smithtown bank set out to develop a neighborhood financial epicenter for the ordinary investor. Putting a modern architectural twist on traditional banking, the client wanted to create a friendly, state of the art banking facility that catered to the needs of each particular area where they laid foundations. Being one of many branches of the small business, this building rests on the corner of a busy intersection and demanded attention from passers by.


The exterior is composed of terra cotta panels, stainless steel louvers and structural glass stack walls. The dramatic design is intended to draw clients into the contemporary facility, where they find themselves greeted by friendly staff at individual kiosks with seating, as opposed to the traditional, uninviting teller lines. The floor plan is functional, the interior materials are durable and the color palette is simplistic and pleasantly bright; each accommodating easy banking, in a visually and acoustically comfortable surrounding. The bank branch is both figuratively and literally a beacon of light for banking in the Long Island.