The renovation of an existing building on Cuttermill Avenue in Great Neck was planned to transform the structure into a modern class A office building, transcending a once conventional establishment into a brand-new space that maintains a graceful balance of practicality and design sophistication.

The renovated building boasts a double height wall of glass, black facade panels, and a green wall facing a sunken courtyard. The design process included creative architectural planning and detailing to ensure that the building was not only beautiful but also practical.   The double height curtain wall creates an inviting and open atmosphere, and a visual connection between the office and the street.  The green wall facing the sunken courtyard provides a calming and natural environment for visitors and tenants alike, and the black facade panels give the building a sleek and contemporary look, making it stand out from its surroundings.

The renovation has had a transformative effect on the surrounding area, enhancing the walkability of the street and contributing to the future revitalization of the neighborhood.  The project serves as an example of how creative architectural detailing and a thorough design process can result in a building that not only meets the needs of its owners but also enhances the community as a whole.