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Miami Penthouse- Miami Modern Architecture

The design of this Miami Beach penthouse was approached with a singular goal: creating a one of a kind jewel-box apartment, one worthy of the world class panoramic view of the Atlantic Ocean afforded throughout the space. From early planning, all options were on the table to reconfigure the space in any way necessary to maximize the livability of the home and emphasize the open-plan living concept the clients desired. The kitchen was relocated to have a more central presence in the living area, and the master suite repositioned in favor of a more distinct separation between public and private portions of the home.

Through oversized entry doors (a repeating motif of custom fabricated blackened stainless steel and bespoke wire glass) attention is drawn to the recessed art niche, a polished stainless-steel frame carved into the otherwise monolithic concrete wall panels of the entry hall. The plan is carefully and purposely aligned to carry visitors lineally into the home along this beautifully detailed entry hall, with an oversized picture window looking to the sea as a visual end point. An intricate layering of ceiling planes and floating lacquer and stainless-steel beams bring down the scale of the hall, thus enhancing the transition into the higher-ceilinged primary living area. The simplicity of the monolithic concrete walls and accents of blackened steel and stained oak is continued throughout the space, with touches of saddle leather and pops of colorful art adding depth and character. The kitchen is raised, partly to facilitate building mechanics but also to enhance its presence in the space as a contrasting polished white box against the otherwise industrially inspired finishes. The bar, carefully crafted of wood, metal, stone, and glass, acts as the true center of this home, where the clean lines and detailing of modern architecture are fully on display.