Our Design Philosophy

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We realized at Mojo Stumer over 30 years ago that Architecture and Interiors must exist together and work in tandem to take a project to a higher level.  One should complement the other and support the overall aesthetic goals of the design.  The vision of the architect or interior designer sets these goals.  The problem arises that many times there are two sets of goals and totally separate visions.  There were many times we would start a project, set our goals and visions, be well into the point of completing them when a client would bring in an Interior Designer who had a whole different set of goals and their own aesthetic visions.  Unfortunately, many times they didn’t work together.  Not that they weren’t both creative, but we are discussing different visions.  As you can expect, this can create a very uncomfortable situation, and at times some real frustrations.  Unless someone backs down, the project stalled and many times a compromise did just that – compromise the original vision.  After coming to this crossroad too many times, we at Mojo Stumer came to a major decision.  The goals and the visions must come from the same team.  We have been doing our own interiors for over 30 years.  We work with our Interiors Department to make every project, whether residential or commercial, seamless.  The design comes from the same hand, is developed by the same team, and nurtured to completion with one vision – to achieve a unique and creative design.

As we start a project, our architectural team lays out site plan options and develops finalized site plans to set up basic floor plan concepts incorporating the client’s program, site criteria, and an MSA aesthetic.  After input from the client, before we go too far, our interior design team joins the process.  Their input helps develop the basic floor plan.  Notice, I say basic.  We bring in the Interior Designer for their input on function, floor layout, comfort, practicality, and any other interior design elements that will help mold the scheme of the project into a unique special design – a design that elevates a Mojo Stumer project above the norm and makes it truly special.  Our team continues to develop plans and elevations until the project is a fully completed design.  At that point, our interior design team fills in the gaps of materials, furniture, specialty lighting, and all other interior design elements.  Our goal is to see the interior design elements complete our project.  As the construction begins, interior design decisions are underway so as to not add any delays to the final completion.  This will help create the situation that as the shell is completed, the interior follows without delay.

In summary, our process, although not unique, works.  It’s our true belief a full team working in unison from the beginning can create a final architectural and interior design project that has few issues.  That’s why an MSA project is special.  That’s why an MSA project is unique.  That’s why an MSA project feels and looks different.  That’s why it is.