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52 Shore Drive – Custom Home Design 

52 Shore Drive is a concept residential project that was created with custom home design in mind, which combines a variety of materials that creates a cohesive, modernistic compound. While the grandeur of the property hinges on the towering glass walls and steel beams, the exterior stone and wood accents help to provide a sense of warmth to the home. Upon entering the driveway, a modern outdoor sculpture greets you as you make your way to the garage and front entry. This massive metal installation gives the property a statement before even stepping foot inside. The modern outdoor sculpture itself exudes an artistic aura that transcends throughout the rest of the home. 

As the driveway comes around to the front, the reflective exterior of the three-car garage glistens in the moonlight, making the dramatic entrance even more unique. By integrating custom home design in all senses of the term, Mojo Stumer was able to create continuities and connections from certain parts of the home to the next. The wood-paneled rectangle beams above the garage have recessed lighting for ease of movement at night, while the glass hallway connecting the home to the garage provides a proper separation between the spaces. It is hard to miss the open air courtyard concept in the middle of this home, especially with a tree being right in the center of it all. By bringing the outdoors in, Mojo Stumer was able to redefine what serenity could feel like. Integrating the open air courtyard into the design allows for more natural light to seep through the home, while providing a central area where the rest of the home expands from.

Using custom home design is a sure way to create a strong juxtaposition between the home itself and the natural environment surrounding it. By installing a modern outdoor sculpture on the exterior, Mojo Stumer was able to draw eyes in and create a “museum-type feel” to the entrance of this home. The addition of the open air courtyard and floating staircase behind it truly adds to the overall elegance of this residence, while the custom home design concepts on the outside speak to the solidity of the building. Mojo Stumer was honored to create this concept for 52 Shore Drive. If you are interested in creating a new concept for a residential or commercial project, contact Mojo Stumer today for further information!