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5 Pointz- NYC Architecture

In response to the unique history of 5Pointz, the famed Long Island City graffiti mecca, the design of the public interior spaces of the new residential towers was focused primarily on finding harmony between two otherwise contrasting visual concepts; the new luxury towers required a sophisticated modern interior marketable for high-end city living, while also embracing and celebrating the dynamic street-art the block is historically known for.

The programming of the interior spaces was first carefully processed to place an emphasis on shared and communal spaces; the entry lobby and reception were designed to double as a lounge, with an oversized LED TV wall looping archival footage of the property’s street-art history. The connecting wing between the two towers became not only a circulation path, but an elongated casual workspace intended to foster impromptu social interactions and gatherings. These planning decisions, along with the careful location of other secondary amenity elements (golf simulator, poker room, video-game center) helped to create an environment where residents are made to feel as much at home outside of their apartments as they are within.

A simple architectural palette of polished concrete, wood plank, and blackened steel was utilized to create a baseline industrial aesthetic familiar to the neighborhood, with cleaner elements of polished marble, grey tile, and stainless-steel plate providing beautiful contrast and balance to the space.

Slatted wood ceiling panels add a layer of detail and texture, and act as way-finding elements to carry visitors into and through the large interconnected public spaces. To fully embrace the site’s artistic history, the detailing of the interior architecture carefully framed voided space, leaving open canvases integrated into the design, for street-art to again be incorporated into this historic site, with a rotating cast of local artists to invited to come and contribute to the work. See the full project in our gallery: