Desmond J. Tavernier, II



Desmond Tavernier is a 3D designer and has been a part of Mojo Stumer and Associates since 2016. As a 3D designer he is responsible for creating photo-realistic renderings based on the project architects plans. These images simulate the end product of the architect’s interior and exterior designs. They are then used to convey the architect’s vision to clients, developers and land owners. The tools of his craft include AutoCAD, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop, Illustrator and Manga Studio. His renderings are always produced to the highest level of detail to realistically express the design intent throughout all stages of the design process.

Desmond is a graduate of the University of Buffalo and has a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental (Urban) Design. A Queens, NY native, he has created realistic images of many buildings for various architectural firms in and around the five boroughs before joining our staff.