Milan Furniture Fair 2015

The Milan Furniture Fair, known as the Salone Del Mobile, is an amazing experience, but it goes farther than that. It’s more than just a showcase for furniture and more than just a furniture fair. It is an opportunity to indulge in design, to enjoy the beauty of what being an architect or designer is, and to be surrounded by the amazing talent of this group. I have been visiting the show in Milan for almost 17 years and enjoy every year the interaction of the design community¬†and the show. It gives me, as an architect, the opportunity to recharge, as you might say, my batteries. Many of us work in our own private bubble. Although the work is public, the process is private. The show and the atmosphere of this special design week gives you the opportunity to also discuss the process with creative peers. There is design all around you- the show, the showrooms, the streets, the parties, the entire city. Milan for the week becomes the design center of “the world”.

Milan 2015

You don’t go to just see furniture, you go to grow and develop as a designer, you go to absorb the thousands of ideas you see in the city, you go to appreciate all the talent that surrounds you, you go to become a better designer, you go because you are a designer. Like I said, it becomes a magical week, truly a week to say, “I am very proud to be part of this creative world”.

In summary, it’s important for every designer in whatever discipline you work- architecture, interiors, industrial design, graphics or fine arts, to go and support the Milan Fair. You will come away enriched.

Milan 2015- Salone Del Mobile