The Integration of Architecture and Interiors

We at Mojo Stumer Associates (MSA) look at both disciplines – Architecture and Interior Design – as pure art forms that both can stand alone, but should not.  How do they integrate to form a cohesive project that blends into a unique whole?  MSA has always believed and practiced that the creation of great architecture at the beginning must include the interior concepts.  When we say “beginning”, we are talking about the very beginning for the Interior and how does it affect the Architecture, the program phase.  What are the client’s interior goals and vision?  What are the client’s tastes/aesthetics?  This is as important as how many bedrooms the house will have.

You can’t separate Architecture from Interiors – they must work together.  If the Architect for your project is not going to be doing the Interiors, then the Interior Designer must be a working part of the team right from the start.  Because of the complexity of any good design project, the design philosophy and aesthetic must grow together as one.  Both the input and design direction by the Architect and Interior Designer is critical from the onset of any project.  We at MSA believe our Interiors make our Architecture better.
MSA has addressed this situation by doing our own Interiors.  From the very start of the project the Interiors and the Architecture are being thought about and created at the same time.  They work as a unified concept, both developing simultaneously and influencing each other as they grow.  We feel this approach takes a project to another level.  If we are not the Interior Designers, we insist the client bring on the Interior Designer right at the beginning so the vision is all the same.

Take a look at some of our projects on the MSA website under Residential.  There you will find some houses and apartments that are good examples of the integration of Architecture and Interiors, and how each is an important influence on the other.  It will be obvious how both disciplines were developed at the same time with equal importance and how one does not dominate the other.  When that happens, you lose the effect of the architectural design or get an overly designed, overbearing interior.  I think you will see what I am talking about.