MILAN FURNITURE FAIR 2017” I come away always feeling fulfilled, but more important, feeling I can be a better architect and interior designer for my clients.  I have more to offer. ”  – Mark Stumer  MILAN FURNITURE FAIR Another year goes by and again I return from the amazing design world of the Salone Del Mobile in Milan, the...

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Penthouse Terrace Collaboration

Penthouse Terrace CollaborationCollaboration in design by talented Professionals with the same goal in mind but different talents can elevate a project to higher levels than ever imagined. Case in point, this Manhattan west side penthouse apartment terrace. A collaboration between Mojo Stumer Associates and the landscape architects Town & Garden, the project called for us to create...

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Milan Furniture Fair 2015

Milan Furniture Fair 2015The Milan Furniture Fair, known as the Salone Del Mobile, is an amazing experience, but it goes farther than that. It’s more than just a showcase for furniture and more than just a furniture fair. It is an opportunity to indulge in design, to enjoy the beauty of what being an architect or designer is,...

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