Four Upcoming Retail Shopping Centers on Long Island!

Four Upcoming Retail Shopping Centers on Long Island!Mojo Stumer Associates is working on four separate shopping center projects on Long Island. Whether it is residential or commercial, it is always important to have a great first visual impression especially for a retail facility. That’s where creative architecture comes in play.

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Penthouse Terrace Collaboration

Penthouse Terrace CollaborationCollaboration in design by talented Professionals with the same goal in mind but different talents can elevate a project to higher levels than ever imagined. Case in point, this Manhattan west side penthouse apartment terrace. A collaboration between Mojo Stumer Associates and the landscape architects Town & Garden, the project called for us to create...

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Designing an Architectural Website

Designing an Architectural WebsiteToday an architect’s website is one of the most important parts of their portfolio. It is our face to the world and one of the best ways to showcase our designs. The big question is, who are we designing for, the public and future clients, or other architects and designers? First and foremost, we have...

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