Building in the Hamptons: New vs. Renovation

Located on Eastern Long Island in New York State, the Hamptons are a popular summer destination for couples, families, and homeowners alike.  Many homes cover the expansive Hamptons’ landscape and the architectural and design opportunities are endless.  While many decide to start from square one and build a getaway dream home, a remodel in the Hamptons can give greater results in half the time, with half the cost.

            When building a home from the ground up, time is always a concern.  By renovating, rather than building, you can be in your new and improved Hamptons’ home by next season.  On a new home, zoning alone can take over a year.  This can be completely avoided with a renovation.  And, although building is most typically considered starting from square one, remodeling can essentially do the same thing.  A renovation can replace and improve every aspect of a home until it fits your desired outcome.

            What you also save with a remodel is cost.  With a new home, you must construct a foundation, structure, plumbing, and sometimes even the landscaping; each being more costly than the next.  Not to mention, tax structure is much higher with new homes.  This is something to really think about because with remodels, your tax structure might not change.

A good architect can make a “dilapidated shack” into the architectural masterpiece you have always dreamed of.  Mojo Stumer Associates, p.c. has recently finished an East Hampton renovation project that confirms the information in this blog.  We created a great piece of architecture, but most importantly we and the owner are extremely proud of the result.  The renovation of this home allowed our client to avoid unnecessary spending, while also receiving a final product that exceeded their expectations.  Remember, an architect sees things differently. What you see as a knockdown could really be this architectural gem.