Penthouse Terrace Collaboration


Collaboration in design by talented Professionals with the same goal in mind but different talents can elevate a project to higher levels than ever imagined.

Case in point, this Manhattan west side penthouse apartment terrace.

A collaboration between Mojo Stumer Associates and the landscape architects Town & Garden, the project called for us to create a totally unique terrace experience. To accomplish this we utilized custom designed metal planters to outline perimeter walkways which help highlight the views, while giving the internal spaces a feeling of the outside when looking out through the windows. The use of a combination of Astro-turf and limestone also adds to the aesthetic while breaking up the long narrow terraces.

The waterfall wall is part of the sitting and dining area and its very unique design, besides its creative aesthetic, adds a water sound backdrop to the outside; it is also a dividing block between the adjoining tenant terraces. Treating this terrace as both an architectural and landscape challenge has enabled this collaboration of our firms to achieve this high and detailed level of design.

This is truly a very, very special and unique project.